Timberline Trail around Mt. Hood

August 23-28, 1976

Monday—hiked 4.8 miles to Paradise Park, made camp at 7:15. The trail was fairly easy today, we crossed several small streams, good weather.

Tuesday—hiked 8.6 miles to Bald Mt. Shelter (the shelter is no longer there). We passed two large streams and the trail had along upward climb that lasted for several miles. Made camp at 6:40 in light rain. That night it rained and rained with some lightning.

Wednesday—On trail by 9:50 (late start), light rain, wind, temperature dropped to 52°, light snow fell. Mike almost fell into a stream, only missed it by inches. His pack went over his head as he fell. Catherine was getting chilled, bumping into others without knowing it, speech was getting mixed up. I was worried about Mike and Catherine. Our tents were completely wet, too. At 1:55 we found Cairn Shelter (the only surviving shelter we would come to, besides Paradise Shelter). We found five people in it and they were waiting for nine others of the Methodist Church conference. They gave us the shelter, as they had tarps coming. 2:00—the other nine people nine women in another group + another group of 4-5 came. The shelter had a fireplace and because everyone was wet, we all decided to build a fire. We dried out everything and thirty people were in the shelter. 2:40 it really snowed hard. We all sang “White Christmas” and other songs, Mike and Catherine got some food and hot drinks in them and they felt lots better. We crossed one bad stream today, had to use 50 ft. of ½" “Goldline” to get everybody across. Dave’s aluminum staff was gladly used by all. We left the tents on the shelter roof to dry, but they were still wet in the morning. 10:20 to bed, 3.9 miles hiked this day.

Thursday—Up at 7:10, 42° outside and clear sky. We had planned to stay another day, if the storm hadn’t abated. 9:10 left on hike. We crossed seventeen snow bridges and many small streams to arrive at Cloudcap Campground at 5:45. We had picnic tables, firepits, and pit toilets there, and a fantastic view of Mt. Hood. We slept out in the open at 54° and got our tents all dried out. Hiked a total of 8.2 miles today.

Friday—up at 6:40, 46°. Left on hike at 8:25. Today we crossed many snowfields (11), some were 400–500ft. across (not hot snowfields either). Arrived at campsite near Ht. Hood Meadows ski resort. Had a nice campfire, Catherine and Mary told camp jokes and riddles. 7.9 miles hiked today.

Saturday—6:30 up, 50°, on trail by 8:00. 4.2 miles to Timberline Lodge, we crossed the White River early in the morning, as it is usually hazardous to cross. 12:17 Mike, Peter, and Dave arrive at Timberline Lodge, 12:42 Mary and Catherine arrive at Timberline. Arrived home 6:45 after taking everybody home.

This was a real neat hike and one I would like to lead again. The trail is not easy and you have to be in excellent physical condition. Peter was my assistant and did an excellent job of helping others over the many streams and snow crossings. Many things are learned about people on a long hike such as this: a person’s temperament, endurance, getting along with others, sharing with others, and being able to follow a leader’s directions.

It truly was a wonderful hike and Mike and I have 129 slides of this trip. The weather was fantastic except for the rain Tuesday p.m. and Wednesday’s cold and snow. Lots of sunny weather and beautiful scenery.

On the trip were, Mary Bridgeman, Peter Cecil, Catherine Dunlop, Mike, and Dave Zevenbergen, the leader.

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