Christmas Party

December 11, 1976

This year’s shapely Christmas tree, brought fresh from the woods by Marriner Orum and Merle Traudt, was the most beautiful the Lodge has seen; Merle set it up and decorated it. Too tall for the platform, it was placed in the northeast corner, where its gleams could be seen inside and out.

Around 40 attended the party (seven children) enjoying the potluck dinner at beautifully decorated tables (planned by Myrtle Smith and committee). Myrtle made the intriguing posters, Florence Givans and Muriel Aufderheide made the fat, red centerpiece candles, Mildred Holm and Ruth and Chet Nichols and Mary Castelloe helped, and all worked together to create the personalized Christmas name tags. Ray Sims opened the Lodge, built the fire and made the coffee.

Dave Zevenbergen played for carol singing, with Linda, his wife, presenting a special song. Sue Riemer read the biblical Christmas story and Dorothy Leland read a special story called “Christmas Gift.”

Jolly Santa appeared with jingling bells and bag full of gifts. Santa asked Ray Sims to tell about old time Obsidian Christmas celebrations around 1927–30. Paula Vehrs was also invited to sit on Santa’s knee. The party was especially nice and worth the trip through the thick fog.

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