Walter Youngquist: “Chapman Campus Afloat”

February 28, 1976

Every nook and cranny was filled Saturday the 28th at the February potluck. Obsidians and friends enjoyed a mouth-watering meal on tables of daphne and forsythia and other evidences of the decorators’ skills (paper ships with student faces in the portholes).

Dr. Walter Youngquist took us on a whirlwind tour with the Chapman Campus Afloat. We saw four hemispheres as a geologist, as a tourist, and as a student; and had “the high cost of” not forced Chapman out of this globe circling venture, no doubt some of the dropouts would be seriously considering dropping in again. It is a hard act to follow in March when we bring our talents to share in what is called—what else but “Bring and Brag”. Only Obsidians could come up to that challenge!

P.S. It was great to see among the always welcome guests, Irving Brant, Robin Lodewick’s father, looking very sharp in a Basque beret, and mountain climber Don Woods from California (one of the club’s Charter Members), as well as our new City Librarian James Meeks. We hope to see them again soon, as well as others.

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