South Sister

August 21-22, 1976

Left Eugene at 8:30 a.m. Saturday and arrived Devil’s Lake at 11:30. We started our hike into base camp at 12:15 after having our lunch at Devil’s Lake. Arrived at our base camp at the 6800 ft. level at 3:15. The hike in was very steep, but everyone did well and we had our camp set up in plenty of time to explore the area before dinner. The weather was very nice, clear skies, and not overly warm.

We started our climb at 6:30 a.m. under mostly clear skies, and very little wind. Temperature was just comfortable and everyone took their time going up the mountain. All seemed to really enjoy the climb. The first group of our climbers reached the summit at 9:30. Leader and his son made it at 10:00. The last four in the party made it at 10:20, and everyone had a fine time on the summit, eating lunch, and enjoying all of the peaks all the way north to Mt. Adams. There was some haze, but not enough to spoil the view. Left the summit at 12 noon, and all were back to camp at 2:15.

The weather started to deteriorate as we were breaking camp, and the leader had a little difficulty finding the trailhead in the fog, after hiking cross-country to it. However, we finally found it OK using only about fifteen minutes more than normal. Everyone hiked out easily and we were back at the cars at 4:30. Left for home at 5 p.m. and arrived back in Eugene at 7 p.m. Was a very enjoyable climb, and all the people were very congenial.

Our group of climbers included Carol Brown, John Daugirda, David Lewinsohn, Theresa, Mark, Christine, and Al Gamache (the leader), Glenn Mittermann, Connie and Millard Thomas, and Bob Walden. This was a very good group, and I enjoyed leading a fine bunch of people. Especially proud of my own two children, who did very well for their age.

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