Mt. Thielsen

August 1, 1976

Eight left Eugene approximately 1:30 p.m. Saturday. Arrived Diamond Lake about 4:30. Picniced and swam at lake until about 7 p.m. Drove to access road and because of construction spent thirty minutes finding trailhead. Camped near road. Had group dinner of zuchini parmesan cooked by Joan Polk and Pat Tubb. Slept in cars. Drizzle began about 3 a.m. with little lightning. Left camp at 7:30 a.m. as light rain continued to fall.

Summit unseen during entire trip. Avoided scree slope on the ascent and followed south side of gendarme to dinner plate field. Weather continued to worsen. Three turned back on the dinner plate. Seven made it to base of summit about noon. Six roped to the top as it began to rain steadily. One went down because of wet clothes and cold.

All arrived back at cars between 5 and 6 and had dinner at Diamond Lake. Everyone was soaked. Lesson: never underestimate weather conditions on August 1st.

Climbers were: Michael Berres, Andrew March, Meadowlark, Charlotte Mills, Rich Mull, Joan Polk, Brady Tubb, Patrica Tubb, Dave and Mike Zevenbergen.

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