Diamond Peak

July 10, 1976

Our anxious energetic group of eight persons left the South Eugene H.S. parking lot at 6 a.m., July 10, 1976, and drove in two vehicles to the Rockpile Trail trailhead. We traveled via Hwy 58 to the Hills Creek Reservoir turnoff and followed road 211 along the reservoir. A left turn onto road 2426 took us to the well-marked trailhead. One and a half hours of hiking (largely on snow) along Rockpile Trail, #3632, took us to beautiful Marie Lake. We bushwhacked due North from Marie Lake and soon found ourselves climbing fairly steep snowfields made very soft and wet by the warm, warm sun.

We reached the summit at 1300 and enjoyed a leisurely hour plus of lunching, picture taking and sun and scenery absorbing.

Then it was down, down, down, slipping and sliding and having a great time. We went a bit too far west of South, and ended up hiking up the outlet stream to Marie Lake, but the stream was beautiful at least. Then it was back to the cars, arriving thereat 1700. We were back in Eugene at 1900, tired but happy after a good climb in beautiful weather.

Climbers were: Michael Berres, Ann Corey, Steve John, (leader), Barbara Mickel, Hugh Perrine, William Perrine, Earl Wall, Coni Wojtowick.

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