Three Fingered Jack

July 10-11, 1976

Bud Proctor was to have led this trip, but no one told him. We couldn’t agree on an alternate leader, so decided on six co-leaders.

We left town Saturday afternoon and after a hike along the Pacific Crest trail camp was set up high on a ridge affording good views of the black clouds engulfing us. Lee was up at 5:00 a.m. rarin’ to go, and Tim was hurrying about trying to get everyone up. But because of a steady downpour of rain we couldn’t find any reason for climbing.

So, we packed up and headed back for town. We all decided Bud had had the right idea after all.

The wet, the cold, and the miserable: Tim Cook, Kurt Dixon, Bert Ewing, Lee Hatch, Wayne Hatch, and Tom Rhodes.

(This is an abridged edition of the report made necessary because of the shortage of space. The original is on file with the librarian.)

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