Mt. McLoughlin

June 18-19, 1976

Left Eugene Friday night, arrived at Mt. McLoughlin’s trailhead around 11 p.m. Asleep by the car at 11:30. Rose at 4:30, on the trail by 6. At 6200 ft. we encountered snow (heavy, 1 to 2 ft. deep) and had to follow trail blazes the rest of the way up. Snow slowed us down, but weather was sunny and warm. On top for lunch and naps at noon. Left summit around 2, and enjoyed three long, steep, and swift (but controlled) glissades. Hole-y pants forced one (Dad) member to empty quantities of ice from britches at the bottom. We warmed up with a swim in Freye Lane at the bottom. (Dares to slide down snow bank into lake went unaccepted.) Back to the car and fresh strawberries by 5:30 p.m.

Recommend early summer climbs to all glissading fans. We just got back to Eugene (it’s 11:45 p.m. Saturday night). This report is now finished so I can get some sleep. (My sister Becky wrote this).

P.S. 1—I climbed the mountain some years back when there was no snow at all. In my opinion it is much funner in the snow, even if it takes three extra hours to get up.

P.S. 2—The only section of the climb above timberline that was solely covered with snow was the last 50 yards. Other than that the ridge was safe and dry.

Enjoying this climb with Tom Bascom, leader, were: Becky Bascom, John U. Bascom, Mary Bascom, Paul Bascom and Kent Harrison.

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