“Now and Then” Bus Trip

May 8, 1976

With a resurgence of pioneer self-reliance and working shoulder to shoulder, 45 Obsidians and friends made the Applegate Trail trip a success after Ray rounded up a light rig for the extra passengers.

With so many people and the frequent changing from one wagon to the other, it was hard to keep track of everyone so upon reaching Eugene four members returned to check the area for lost ones. Obsidians take no chances. This group went to Grants Pass and then down the river by boat. They found looking up from Hellgate to the view point even more spectacular than the view down had been, and the rapids are much more impressive when one is right in them.

Midday, while dinner cooked over a campfire on a gravel bar, they walked up Jump-Off-Joe Creek picking up gold-filled rocks. Later and miles down river they visited a salmon fishing miner. After learning from him what they could about his salmon board, fish lines, sluice box and gold, they showed him their rocks. He called them “Leverite”, (Leave ’er right there). However, these rocks had become pets so they were kept—pet rocks being what they are today.

Upon reaching Almeda (several miles below Indian Mary Park) without finding any lost people they concluded it safe to salt away our all-for-fun bicentennial trip until 2076.

That’s great country to travel through. Thanks to each of you for lending a hand. Leaders Irene Flynn and Ruth Nichols.

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