Mt. Bailey on Skis

April 26-27, 1975

We scheduled this interesting spring trip the week before but the weatherman promised bad weather and it looked as if he might be right so we postponed the trip a week. The weather turned out to be beautiful. The next week he promised good weather so we proceeded on our trip to Bailey—we had rain, snow, cold, and wind!

There were but three of us on the trip Steve Northrop, Paul and Marriner Orum (the leader). We drove to Diamond Lake via the Umpqua Highway. Skied to the 7,000 foot level just below timberline and made our camp. It was quite cool and windy and that night there was some fresh snow.

The next morning we toured on up the mountain to the 8,000 foot level. There was a cold wind with a ground blizzard and near whiteout conditions so we did not go all the way to the top.

This is an excellent mountain for winter and spring ski mountaineering—but it would be better to outguess the weatherman.

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