Crater Lake Ski Trip

March 8-9, 1975

This trip began under rather poor and gloomy conditions, but later became one of the better winter trips most of us had experienced.

Our objective was The Watchman, a prominent landmark on the crater rim located three miles northwest from the lodge. Park regulations require that cars left overnight be parked at Park Headquarters, a considerable distance below the lodge. With this in mind, Hank Plant left us at the lodge, then returned to Park Headquarters to park his car for the night. Since few cars were on the road that day, hitchhiking back to the lodge was out of the question. One of the Park Rangers made a special trip to take Hank back up to the lodge. Our group is indebted to the National Park Service people at Crater Lake who were (in fact always are) so accommodating and helpful.

The tour to the base of The Watchman, where we camped Saturday night, was made under blustery weather conditions, with snow falling hard and continuously. In spite of the weather, we met droves of people ski touring. About 100 members of the Portland Nordic Ski Club were at the lake, plus a tired and somewhat dispirited team from Portland Station KOIN. They had circled around the lake, taking movies for television.

Sunday morning, when we awoke and crawled out of our tents, the weather was obviously in a clearing trend. In ones and twos, we left camp and skied to the top of The Watchman. Occasionally, fogbanks would roll in to obscure the view, but by 11:00 a.m. the skies were clear, and the view over the lake was spectacular. This day became one of those rare winter days when the weather and snow conditions were of almost storybook quality. Later, we had more fun skiing from the lodge down to Park Headquarters, a run of over a mile, with a vertical drop of 600 feet.

Those on the trip were: Tim Cook, Barbara Holisky, Kit Larsen, Glenn Miller, Jack Nitzel, Hank Plant, leader.

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