Windy Point

February 22, 1975

The trip over the Santiam Pass was fairly easy and tire chains were not required. We stopped at Sisters for coffee, then drove west on the old McKenzie Pass road.

Since there had been a recent snowfall we could not get as close to the snowgate as I originally planned. I decided not to check the map because it was a beautiful day and everyone was eager to get started, so I quickly estimated that it was one mile to the snow gate and said “Let’s Go”.

At the snowgate someone asked my daughter, Lenny, if we were halfway there, and my perceptive daughter replied that we had just begun.

However owing to the hardiness and determination of the party, everyone arrived at Windy Point after an unexpected seven mile uphill ski trip.

It was a beautiful day with spectacular views of the mountains and the wind swept snow.

Duringthe fairly quick trip down to the cars someone just had to count the mile posts below the snowgate and it seemed that there were three.

Now since we accomplished our goal, this just proves the old proverb of “Never count your mile posts before your trip begins”.

Those on the trip were, Joyce Briggs, Maude Caldwell, Dorothy Hayes, Marj McElhose, Sam Miller, Al Niems, Eulenna Niems, Mike Niems, Velma Shirk, Lloyd Stonecker, Marie Williams. The leader was Al Niems.

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