Fairview Peak

January 25, 1975

This trip almost didn’t make it. It was left out of the Bulletin, and the sign-up sheet said “Fairly strenuous with a 4500 foot elevation gain”. Consequently, only three people attended.

Due to the continuing warm weather and lack of snow, the group was able to drive to 4,000 feet, instead of only 1500 as anticipated. Another fact to note is that Fairview Peak is farther south than most mountain areas we frequent (it’s in the Bohemia mining district).

When the group started, it was raining. This was the Saturday of the big storm that brought the snow to Eugene, and the rain plagued us for the rest of the day. By the time we reached the summit and the lookout, a fairly good gale was blowing. Fairview lookout is mounted on a tower; this we had to climb in spite of the wind and rain, becoming soaked in the process.

Unfortunately, the return trip was in the rain also. We didn’t experience falling snow until returning to Eugene. Attending were Marriner Orum, Paul Orum, and Jack Nitzel, leader.

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