McKenzie River Trail

November 8, 1975

We parked the car at Buck Bridge and had an enjoyable seven mile hike up to Trail Bridge Reservoir on an excellent path maintained by the Forest Service. The Ranger Station at McKenzie Bridge has a very informative map showing the present and future trail. The trail is eventually planned to go all the way to Clear Lake. Now it terminates at the Trail Bridge Dam. This map is available to the public at the Ranger Station, no charge. Would you believe we saw a deer (doe) at Deer Creek, true. Also, the foot bridges on the trail are very safe and secure. It didn’t start to rain hard, with mixed snow, until we came to the reservoir. Due to the prevailing weather conditions the three of us hitch hiked a ride back to the car just in time to listen to our Ducks get trounced by UCLA (wait ’til next year). This trail is very beautiful and is in excellent condition. A car shuttle is highly recommended so that hikers will not have to back track. A grey November day enjoyed by Norma Lahti, Jan Middleswart, and Parker Riddle, the leader.

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