Cloverpatch Trail

November 2, 1975

Drove up the Willamette Highway to where we could see the Cloverpatch Bluffs, stopped, and talked about the geology of the area, then drove back to Lowell and up the north shore road to Road #2007, then off on #2007A to the trailhead.

Climbed up along the Bluffs to a high, rocky viewpoint where we had lunch. Then on to Road #2063 where the trail now ends. Saw some wildlife in the form of two brown and orange salamanders, one small snake, one large brown and white spider, and one large lizard about eight inches long. I have never seen its like before—it was a brownish-gray in color with the mottled markings of a reptile on its back and spots along its sides. We also saw one dead deer.

It was a relatively warm day with slight moisture and clouds on the ridges. Those on the trip were: Marjie Butterfield, Mary Bridgeman, Bev Juilfs, Merle Traudt, and the leader, Helen Smith.

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