Mt. Pisgah

October 25, 1975

The trailhead to Mt. Pisgah is located at the end of the Seavy Loop Road, about two miles south of Springfield. After arriving at 10 a.m. we parked our cars at the farmhouse and climbed over the locked gate close by. It was cloudy and sprinkling lightly as we walked leisurely along following the wide graveled trail 1½ miles to the top.

Along the way we stopped to gather mushrooms, lichen, fall leaves and the Zeolite crystals.

After a short break for lunch we came, back down as it was getting windy and rainy. Back to Eugene by 1:30 p.m. wet but happy with ourselves that we had gone on this short, rainy October hike to “Mt. Pisgah Park”. Mushroom hikers were: Irene Flynn, Pam & Skip Forester, Doug & Marge Taylor, Ann Savitch, Paula Vehrs, Dorothy Leland, leader.

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