Waldo Lake

October 11, 1975

This was to be an overnighter. The weather was shaping up poorly for the weekend so we retreated, reorganized and planned a one day trip.

Our hike started from North Waldo, a couple miles out we took a new trail that skirted Rigdon Lakes. This trail is cleared and marked but not graded. The fog was quite thick so we did not see the true beauty of the lakes.

The new trail came out at Kiwa Lake where we had lunch. We then hiked on to Wahanna Lake. Time was running out. It started to rain which soon turned to snow so again we retreated—perhaps none too soon as the weather continued to deteriorate and the snow, was starting to stick on the Waldo road. Those enduring the trip were, Helen Smith, Mary Bridgeman, Peter Cecil, Merle Traudt, and Marriner Orum, leader.

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