Three Pyramids

October 11, 1975

Because of the small size of the group we decided to all go in Paula Vehr’s car. Later we were to rue this decision. Upon arrival at the trail head, the gray skies were threatening and a few minutes later, as we started up the trail, it started to rain, lightly at first, then a steady downpour.

We continued up the trail hoping the weather would break at the summit of the Middle Pyramid but no such luck. As we topped a ridge at about 5,000 ft., the rain turned to snow and we continued in a heavy, wet snowfall. About 300 ft. below the summit, two members of the party decided they had enough and turn-back. The remaining three of us continued to the saddle between the South and Middle Pyramid, and the weather being bad, decided to forego the short scramble to the summit.

After a hasty and cold lunch, a fast retreat was made down the trail. A wet, cold, and tired group piled into Paula’s car for the drive home only to find the heater would not work. However, lots of hot coffee at Blue River made the day seem good again.

Hikers this day were: Clarence Landes, Paula Vehrs, Estelle and Michael Bates, and Clarence Johnson, the leader.

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