Waldo-Kiwa Lakes

September 20-21, 1975

We left South Eugene parking lot at 9 a.m. and drove to North End Campground at Waldo Lake where we parked our cars. We ate our lunch at a small lake along the way, and arrived at Kiwa Lake about 2 p.m. Weather was beautiful, so after selecting our camp sites, we all split up to do various things. Bobby went fishing; Andy, Mark and Charlene went for a short and invigorating swim, Glen went picture taking. John found apart of an old boat from which he spent a lot of time removing the brass screws and Rose-Marie and Lenore went on a trip around the lake which proved to be a little harder than we expected as the trail soon gave out.

There was a beautiful moon all night, but very windy. The next day Charlene, Mark and Andy walked up the trail to Wahanna Lake. Glen, Bobby, Rose Marie, John and Lenore climbed Rigdon Butte and saw a beautiful view of the whole area. The only bad part about the trip was no huckleberries! We didn’t see one!

Campers: Glen Miller, Lenore and John McManigal (leaders), Bobby and Rose Marie Moffitt, Mark and Charlene Simpson, Andy Thompson.

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