Stag Lake & Lakeview Mt.

September 20, 1975

We left Eugene on a very foggy morning. Halfway up Lookout Reservoir the fog broke and we had clear weather the rest of the day. There were 18 of us that hiked to Stag Lake about 4½ miles of very good trail. From Stag Lake we hiked towards Lakeview Mt. which was about 1½ miles away through the trees over and around them. No trail!

All of us made it to the ridge. We had a bite to eat before we headed for the top. Three decided to stay on the ridge while the rest of us went to the top. On top we could see eight of the ten peaks. After awhile we headed down to Stag Lake and out to the cars.

Hikers were, Rochelle Aberd, David Becker, Irene Flynn, Esther George, Eva Hare, Dorothy Hayes, Dorothy Leland, Bob McIlvenna, Janet Middleswart, Parker Riddle, Lois Schreiner, Helen Smith, Constance and Millard Thomas, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner, Virginia Wiles, and Don Payne, leader.

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