Grizzly Peak—Jeff Wilderness area

September 13, 1975

This was a very enjoyable trip into the Jefferson Wilderness area. There were a few high cascade hunters around, but not close enough to be bothersome. Transportation became a bit of a problem as we had to split the group into overniters and one dayers, but this proved not to be insurmountable. All hikers were on top of Grizzly Peak at about l:30 p.m. enjoying the magnificent 360° panoramic view of the Pamelia Lake, Mt. Jefferson area. We could see Hood, Jack, Three Sisters, Broken Top, Cathedral Rocks, and of course Jefferson which we could almost reach across and touch. Also identified were the North and South Cinder Peaks. The five overnighters (Ballinger, Bridgeman, Hayes, Riddle, Vehrs) enjoyed a beautiful red sunset, gourmet dinners (including delicious turnovers provided by Edith Bridgeman) and arose to the reveille of many sparrow type birds. Looking through a Field Guide to Western Birds I think they may have been nuthatches. Thanks goes to Ted Stern who packed up to the top a gallon of water for the overnighters supply. Too bad Ted couldn’t have found more huckleberries than the few nibbles available. Also, the mushrooms on this trail were abundant and of many varieties. A very nice trip enjoyed by all, I’m sure. They were: Alan Andrews, Braha Avital, Shmuel Avital, Joy Ballinger, Mary Bridgeman, Scott Christiansen, Esther George, Dorothy Hayes, Parker Riddle (leader), Ted Stern, Paula Vehrs, Greg Wannier.

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