Obsidian Loop

August 16, 1975

The Obsidian Loop Trip this year was done under cloudy skies and a trail just damp enough to be almost dust free, in other words wonderful. There was some snow on the trail but not as much as when the trip was planned for, August 2. Flowers were at their best in most areas. A number of chipmunks, goldmantle ground squirrels and assorted birds were seen by the group. Also there were two weasel sightings made, one by about half the group and the other by Robin alone. The first weasel was at camp Beverly just a short way from Obsidian Camp and the other at Sisters Spring.

We met and talked with the wilderness ranger who was usually stationed at the south end of the wilderness. He had traded places with Jim Blanchard, the ranger in the north part, for a week. He had been wilderness Ranger at Eagle Cap (Wallowas) two years ago and spent last summer at Jefferson Park, where Carol Sansum had seen him. He is Ray Holt. Though we had very few mosquitoes, he reported that they were very thick in the Mink Lake basin and had even attempted to carry off Helen Smith.

We felt quite honored to have with us a career Forest Service employee, Ralph Jaszkowski Sr. who had never been in the area before. He is very much interested in joining the group.

On the trip were Irene Flynn, Ralph Sr. and Ralph Jr. Jaszkowski, Teresa Nutt, Carol Sansum, Robert Walden, with Kenneth and Robin Lodewick, leaders.

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