Island Lakes

August 9, 1975

We left the meeting place at 19th and Patterson at 8:15 a.m. on a bright clear morning and arrived at the trailhead at 10:00 a.m. The trail climbed steeply through semi-open woods for the first mile and then ran mostly level for the next two miles. As we topped the first steep pitch, we traded breathlessness for the torments of mosquitoes, although these were not as bad as I had expected. As we neared the three-mile point, the country became increasingly full of small potholes and small, confused drainages. Just past the three mile point we arrived at our first lake, Birthday Lake, almost round, bright blue, and with a small island near the west shore. A quarter-mile further on we arrived at Verde Lake, which as its name implies, is a pretty green. Here the trail again started to climb steeply to make its way through an opening in a cliff which separates these first two lakes from the two Island lakes above. Here the woods were quite dense, as were the mosquitoes. We arrived at the four mile point and Upper Island Lake at about lunch time so we settled down to eat on the shore. After lunch we hiked, the ¼ mile or so back down to Lower Island Lake and made complete circuit around it. Both the Island Lakes are clear, quite deep in places and each has a tiny island in the middle. We returned via the same route we had Come, reaching the cars at about 4 p.m. All those who started made the entire trip.

Hikers: Doug Appel (leader), Bob Capron, Irene Flynn, Cathy George, Wilbur Groner, Becky Hansen, Norma Lahti, Aileen Lynam, Teresa Nutt, Vern Nelson.

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