Santiam Lake

August 3, 1975

“As the feather lands, so will be the direction of your venture!” And thus it was with our hike.

Some stayed behind to take pictures. Some followed an ant trail. Some fished the Berley Lakes, and some even discovered the exceptional beauty of Santiam Lake snuggled directly under Three Fingered Jack. As we quietly tip-toed our way through Beargrass, Lupine, Washingtonian lilies, Cat’s ears and Columbine, a tiny mountain bird sang a song which welled from our hearts—“Pret-ty, Pret-ty.” From the small pond on our left, a young frog answered,. . . “You’re right, you’re right.”

We were pleased that one of our party was from Peru, and one from Italy. Because of the size of our group, I was exceptionally pleased with their woods manners, and would leap to the occasion of leading them again. The new people on this trip were especially appreciative of the area, making it a joy to lead the trip.

P.S. I did promise plenty of snow, right? Hikers were: Alan Andrews, Estelle Bates, Cindy Bell, J. W. Bishop, Bob Cox (leader), Duchess Cox, Al Gamache, Mark Gamache, Liz Glover, Bette Hack, Ann Heryford, Greg Howard, Suzanne Knudson, Louise Lange, Kent Loobey, Teresa Nutt, Becky Pritchett, Sherril Quandt, Barbara Reed, Karen Ritz, Margaret Seeley, Larry Sowden, Judd Stern, Reed Straus, Frank Tansig, Merle Traudt, Carl Volpi, Bob Walden.

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