Marilyn Lakes

July 27, 1975

Because no one signed up for this hike we left later than usual. We finally arrived at the trailhead, after some minor delays, about 4 p.m. We hiked into the lower lake, and then on to the upper lake. We had to cross many large puddles of water on the trail, and one small stream that had logs over it. At the lake we pumped up our two man boat, and put it in the water. As soon as Cheryl got into it, we found out on our maiden voyage that our boat had many leaks. We patched them up as best we could and took turns fishing. No fish were caught, but Mike, Dave and Cheryl saw a brown weazel to highlight the trip. Around 7:30 we started back to the car. When we got to the log crossing, Linda and Cheryl had some difficulty crossing them due to the stuff they were carrying, and the wetness of the logs. Linda and Cheryl fell in, and were all soaked. They went ahead with Mark, while Dave and Mike brought up the rear. Upon arriving at the car, we turned the heater on and drove toward home. We stopped at Salt Creek Campground, and decided to have a fire, and to eat our dinner. The wood was wet, but the McCall’s magazine made wonderful fire starter, and around 10:30 p.m. we had dinner. We arrived home at 12:00 a.m. It was a very interesting trip. Hikers were the Zevenbergen family—Cheryl (5), David (leader), Linda, Mark (8) and Mike (10).

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