Bohemia Mtn.

July 4, 1975

Because it is usually hot on Bohemia Mtn. on July 4th we started early. We used the Sharps Creek route which is very steep and somewhat rough in spots as Bryce Creek road was still under snow. We were stopped by snow at Bohemia Saddle our parking destination. Also we were blocked by snow about ½ mile from the top and with fewer flowers in bloom this year compared to last year. We turned around and went to Bohemia City and Music mine for lunch, exploring the mine dump after lunch and returning to the cars shortly after 1 p.m. It was getting hot by then. Getting hot were Rolfe & Bertha Anderson, Chuck & Jenifer & Jon Bonynge, Barbara Durcnack, Donna & Chris Gould, Kenneth Hixon, Aseneth Jurgenson, Robin Lodewick, Helen Miller, Alice & Bobby & Dick & Paula & Rosemarie Moffitt, Teresa Nutt, Karen & Kevin Ritz, Brenda & Elsia Spinning, Connie Woods and leader was Kenneth Lodewick.

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