Iron Mtn.

June 29, 1975

24 of the 37 who were signed up left at 8:15 a. m. from 19th & Patterson for Iron Mt. by way of Brownsville and Sweet Home. All met at the parking across from the trail at 10 a.m. The leader had each introduced and all left on the Iron Mtn. Trail. The day was ideal with high clouds. Soon snow patches had a good trail cross them so it was easy. The large snowfield just below the lookout was deep and a half block long but had a good trail. The lookout was a girl and her dog. Lunch was eaten at the lookout and the mountains were packed with snow and the Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Mt. Jefferson all had clouds on their top. (Dave)—There were two V.W.s at the E.H.S parking lot when a third V.W. drove in who had Charles Rogers and two others and a dog. I Met them and told them that a dog a gun or a drunk could not go. I said if the dog stayed in the car, or at home but not on the trip. They pulled out and on the trail going up we met them and the dog coming down. We all spoke. Home at 5 p.m. by way of the McKenzie River & falls. Also because of the amount of snow of the past two years and this year the snow over the whole Mtn. had just left and there were no flowers. I would suggest this trip be the second Sunday in July after this. Going with the leader Ray Sims were Teresa Nutt, Lucy & Steven & Carol & David & Douglas & Tammy & Todd Schattenkirk, Ann Heryford, Dina Hills, Kenneth Hixson, Lois & Nancy Joiner, Doug and Sandy Nichols, Eric Nickerson, Mrs. Eugene Pearson, Karen & Kevin Ritz, John Varhammer, Karen Seidel, Charlene Simpson and Robert Walden.

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