Lowder Mtn.

June 22, 1975

Thirteen people, obviously lacking in superstition started the Lowder Mt.-Walker Creek hike in a gray day which brightened as it grew older. The Blue River Ranger Station had reported the East Fork road closed below the trailhead but since most of the group wanted to hike from that end, we went up to see for our selves. The road was indeed closed with two huge logs across in, but since the trailhead was only a short distance beyond we scrambled under them and hiked up the road to the trail.

Trilliums were every were as were Yellow violets. The trail was in fair shape. There were several good sized logs to be climbed over before we reached the top of Lowder Mtn. where we had lunch at the edge of the snowfield which covered the summit.

At this point most of the party elected to go down the Walker Creek Trail, but since the group had been unable to decide upon a shuttle at the start of the hike, all the cars had been left on the East Fork road. Consequently drivers and one member of the group went back for them, driving down to Quaking Aspen Swamp on a poorly marked but passable trail.

There was lots of snow on the trail at the edge of the swamp but blooming marsh marigolds were plentiful.

Merle Traudt assumed the leadership of the Walker creek group and they made their way down a “fuzzy” trail which ended on a high bank above road 1779.

They had missed the turn to the trailhead and followed the old trail until it dead-ended adding about a mile to their trek.

Those who travelled down the Walker Creek trail were: Bert Ewing, Liz Miller, Hank Plant, Velma Shirk, Anita Smith, Paul Travis, Paula Vehrs, Alec Ziel and Merle Traudt. Going back to the cars were Teresa Nutt, Lois Schreiner, Helen Smith, and trip leader Ann Ward.

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