Stag Lake

June 21, 1975

When we reached Fawn Lake we found that some inconsiderate, irresponsible person or persons had hacked dorm about a dozen small trees, thereby diminishing the scenic beauty of this one particular area. The Forest Service is being notified with this report so that, perhaps someone can go in with a chain saw and trim up the shaggy stumps making the area a bit more presentable. We continued cross country to Stag Lake using a compass bearing of 320/140 on easy to walk on crusted snow. We arrived at our destination at 12:30 and enjoyed a long hour and a half lunch break. The view of the formidable East Face of Lakeview Mountain from spanking clear Stag Lake is a rich reward for this ten mile effort. This is a very enjoyable qualifying hike invigorating as well as aesthetically rewarding. Those enjoying the sunny day: Margaret Anderson, Brett Brittain (Margaret), Bob Capron, Chuck Haddad, Dorothy Hayes, Dorothy Leland, Jan Middleswart, Ralph Nafziger, Ted Stern, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner, Paula Vehrs, Alex Ziel and leader Parker Riddle.

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