Bicycle Trip to Harrisburg & Back

June 8, 1975

Crisp, cool morning air. Bright sun and clear blue overhead, stiff north wind to buck all the way and light traffic to heed, flatland, curving roads through countryside of grassland, farmlands, pastures (cattle and horses resting, munching grass and gazing at five bicycle riders pumping against the wind in single file at side of road.) Coburg Hills to the east in sight from Armitage Park to Harrisburg. Four stops for rest and snacks. Lunch at Harrisburg at Harrisburg Landing on Willamette River shore. Two large motorboats in water in succession. Huge snag floating northward. Hot, bright sun and clear blue overhead.

Two youths on ride bought 35¢ sodas in Truax gas station, 3rd St., Harrisburg, station attendants and manager refuse to refund 5¢ deposit even though 35¢ cost included 10¢ deposit. Keep this station in mind as a good place not to buy anything.

Warm air, bright sun and blue sky, brisk wind at our backs now from the north. Twelve miles to Coburg school in 80 minutes including rest stops. Maskal family ends trip here which they started in Armitage Park. Dave Cohen (on 3-speed Raleigh Sport Klunker) and Tim Colpitts on 10-speed go all the way both ways. Nick, Karen and Steve Maskal all on fast 10-speeds. Nick’s an able bicycle mechanic. Amiable, co-operative group. Route, 344 E. 14th Eugene to East Park Block, (no new riders) to Alton Baker Park Pond Bridge (ditto) to Coburg Rd. to Armitage Park to Coburg and onto Harrisburg and return to Eugene. Pumping hard against N. Wind and “sailing” Southward with it. Nick, Karen (13) and Steve Maskal, Jim Colpitts and leader Dave Cohen.

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