Deathball Mtn. #2

June 1, 1975

Due to snow drifts over the road the 26 people signed up for the Death Ball #2 trip went up the Cane Creek Ridge Trail to the sawtooth rocks under Katsuk Butte.

Cars were parked at the end of the Cane Creek Road under Thor’s Hammer which overlooks the McKenzie Valley. The ¼ mi. 1950 cat road was filled with stunted hemlocks in the partial light. Up on the ridge trail (last maintained in 1958) only the old blazes could be relied upon to distinguish the route fron deer and elk trails. We followed one deer trail to the open grass covered rocks which drop into Cane Creek canyon and its impossible waterfalls. Here the manzanita brush was being invaded by incense cedar and the cedar in turn by Douglas fir trees. Back on top of the ridge the 75–85 year old Douglas fir stand still had the long dead manzanita brush lying underneath as evidence of the brush which followed the huge fire which crowned and killed the original forest leaving only snags and burned stubs. The last steep pitch to the Death Ball Rock was very brushy; six people stayed below while the rest clambered up to eat lunch with a view of Mount Jefferson, Blue River Reservoir, N. Sister and many lesser peaks. Lower Cane Creek is below 2000' elevation and is an excellent area for winter hikes along the creek and up to the first impassable waterfall. Thor’s Hammer at 2600' offers all winter climbing with anything from a good scramble to a 700' sheer face.

Elane & Shelly Barnes, Arlie Birchler, Dave and William Burwell, Duchess Cox, Jean and Trace Devereaux, Robin & Steve Elephant, Dorothy & Shannon Hayes, Rich & Ben Juilfe, Mr. & Mrs. Miller & 2 sons, Ann Montgomery, Dr. Herbert McCornack, Teresa Nutt, Gary Prince, Wes Prouty, Ron Rattenborg, Connie & Milt Thomas and the leader Dave Burwell.

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