Humbug Mountain

May 25-26, 1975

Warm sun, light breeze, and abundant lupine made this the best of seven Humbug trips.

Forty recruits climbed steep pastures to the 2,000 ft. summit. After rest and snacks the lead party found steep sea cliffs difficult, but later groups located lower passes farther south.

The ocean cast up a perch for Flanagans supper. Nature smiled enough on all that even memories of a few blisters and light sunburn will fade. The pace suited even ten hikers under 8 years old—all finished under their own power.

Those on the trip were: John, Ruth, Tom, Paul, and Mary Bascom, Tonie Cheisa, Jerome, Arlene, Wendy, and Jan Dayton, Latham, Jane, and Jennie Flanagan, Don, Debbie, Ward, Doug, Meghan, and Clint Hobbs, Munir, Gail, Renda, Nadia, and Sonia Katul, Angie Keizeman, Marge and Jon King, Kent and Gonya Loobey, Ross McFadden, Kathy Natwick, Teresa Nutt, Marta Saltzman, Clarence and Dorothy Scherer, Bruce, Pam, Nathan, and Joel Strimling, and Wendy West. John Bascom, leader.

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