Coast Bicycle Trip

May 24-26, 1975

This was a three day bike trip to Waldport Florence and return to Eugene. Nine dedicated bicyclists met at Alton Baker at 9 a.m. Saturday on Memorial Day weekend. We rode out River Road and Prairie Road to Junction City. After Junction City our first blow-out occurred. I rode back into Junction City for a new tire and we were soon on the way again. On to Monroe for lunch stop on the steps of Monroe High School while we watched Marriner Orum fix his flat tires. Then out country roads to Alpine and up the Alsea Pass Road to Alsea Falls. We lounged around the falls awhile, and then down the west side towards Alsea. Here we encountered four miles of gravel road. We all worried about our thin tires on the gravel but lucked out—no flats. We camped at Blackberry Campground. 80 miles today.

Sunday we pedalled into Waldport, purchased more food and cruised south on U.S. 101, with the wind to our backs. The second night in Washburne State Park. Were there in no time to spend some time on the beach that afternoon. 40 miles this second day. Rained for an hour that night, but everyone was snug in a tent.

Morning soon became sunny and off we went past the Sea Lions Caves (you could smell them from our bikes). We saw several sea lions on the rocks near the caves. Rode into Florence and then directly to the Gingerbread House where we stopped for lunch. From there on to Eugene and passing us were 85,316 motorized (and smelly) Motor Homes, Pick-ups with campers, all pulling trailers loaded with boats, dune buggies and Hondas and many other large Detroit monsters. How quickly we all have forgotten the gasoline shortage of just last year. 85 miles back to Eugene on Labor Day. The nine riders were: Leslie Carpenter, Alice and Bobby and John Moffitt, Chris and Marriner and Paul Orum. Bob Williams. Leader Dick Moffitt.

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