Eugene Bike Trails

May 11, 1975

The weather broke into a beautiful morning and a total of ten appeared for this Mother’s Day pre-breakfast ride. We rode out past the Fairgrounds on the bike trail along West Amazon to Chambers then crossed town to the beginning of the South Bank trail where Joella Hadland had a flat tire. Not a repair kit in the party—Ted Kulongoski came to the rescue and called up a friend for an early Sunday morning good deed and to provide Joella with transportation. That crisis over we continued along the river into Springfield returning along Franklin Blvd. At one point three cyclists got too close and we had our second minor mishap as Dorothy Hayes went sprawling on the street. She jumped up not bothered by it all and continued. We kept an easy pace perhaps too easy. When we started the last mile or so on the series of grades to the lodge Bill and Donna Robertson and Mary Briggs decided to make their kick—but apparently not too sure where they were going. When the rest of us got to the Lodge no Bill and Donna, or Mary. Mary soon showed up but Bill and Donna were still missing. Ted and Lyn Kulongoski again came to the rescue and were able to locate them but only after they had had some interesting adventures of packing their bikes across the soggy golf course to 30th street. The breakfast was a real treat for ten hungry bike riders. The ten were: Joyce and Mary Briggs, Joella Hadland, Dorothy Hayes, Ted and Lyn Kulongoski, Parker Riddle, Bill and Donna Robertson, and Marriner Orum, leader.

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