McKenzie View Drive

May 4, 1975

Only the leader showed up for this approximately 26 mile bike ride over the McKenzie View Drive. Rather than cancel, due to a few clouds, I made the ride. Leaving Alton Baker Park about 8:30 a.m. Actually, the only rain during the morning were a few light drizzles. I was wetter inside my rain gear, than on the outside. I biked leisurely along Coburg Road, (almost no traffic) and then the McKenzie View Drive—observing the river, small farms, fishermen, a lady gathering greens for a Sunday dinner, the clouds and in general the countryside just beginning to burst out in spring colors. On the return trip I biked along Hill Road, Marcola Road, 5th & D St. and the ABP bike path, returning to the parking lot about 11:30 a.m. Clara Emlen, leader.

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