Mt. Pisgah

May 3, 1975

It was raining and wet when our, small group of seven left Eugene for Mt. Pisgah. Our enthusiasm was not dampened by the weather—we decided to go. Fran Moravisik, Lane County Parks landscape architect, and Richard Goldszer, forestry student, were our guides. We sloshed around the 250 acres of the International Arboretum site and identified about seven different varieties of trees, fifteen types of shrubs and numerous wild flowers. This is a large area of unmanaged land—a large stand of incense cedar, lots of big leaf maple and a section of high concentration of Douglas fir. Although we had on rain gear we were all wet when we arrived back in Eugene before noon. However, we were satisfied and glad that we went and agreed we should come back again and see it in the sunshine. Arboretum searchers were: Mary Bridgeman, Richard Goldszer, Lee Hatch, Irene Grace, Fran Moravisik, Lin Trombley and leader, Dorothy Leland.

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