Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 20, 1975

We arrived at the Refuge headquarters shortly after 10 a.m. The weather was great—sunny, cool—just right for hiking. John Annear, the new refuge biologist, was our guide. We started out along Cabell Marsh then across the fields through the oak natural area and on to Pigeon Butte where we stopped for lunch. Here we had an excellent view of the surrounding area. After lunch we followed the trails through the natural wooded area. Although we didn’t see any geese we did identify about 25 species of birds and saw many wild flowers in bloom.

When we arrived at the waterfowl display pool several people preferred to ride back to headquarters and the rest proceeded to hike along Poison Oak Loop and on over to Bald Top where we had another good view of the refuge.

Before we left for Eugene (around 4:00 p.m.) John took us in the red barn where a visual aid room is being built. When this is finished slides will be shown and there will be room for exhibits. Many schools visit the area and the 50 year old barn is already an interesting landmark.

Nature hikers enjoying the day included Mary Bridgeman, Barbara Combs, Barbara Dosher, Charlotte and Bill Fitch, Weldon Freymiller, Ron Leland, Marian Mathews, Roger Nichols, Hannah, Anne and Ari Parris, Frank and Sue Riemer, Dorothy and Clarence Scherer, Connie and Millard Thomas, Merle Traudt, Grace and Lew Ward, Tom, Linda and Scott Wells, and Dorothy Leland, leader.

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