McKenzie River Trail

March 29, 1975

Due to car trouble, this was a two party trip. First party contained 16 and was led by Mary Bridgeman. Second party was led by Ken Lodewick followed by Marilyn Moore. Beautiful weather was found on the trail, with a few spring flowers out and a few spots of snow, none deep.

The first party started ahead and succeeded in missing contact with the second by hunting restrooms in Paradise Forest Camp (found one finally, back on the trail but after the second party had gone through). Because of this mixup, the second party arrived at the cars about 40 minutes before the first party. Everybody made the entire trip and all came back short one car.

Special credit should go to Mary Bridgeman, Helen Smith, and Lois Schreiner for leading the first party.

Those on the hike were: Tony Allingham, Mary Bridgeman, Dutchess Cox, Wallace Kohler, Kenneth Lodewick, Marilyn Moore, Teresa Nutt, Frank and Sue Riemer, Lois Schreiner, Helen Smith, Paula Vehrs, Arlene, Dean, Erik, Julie, and Roger Wilkinson, Richard Young.

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