Coast Exploration

February 22, 1975

Thirteen of us left the starting point and proceeded directly to the Devil’s Churn parking lot at Cape Perpetua where we met Mary Jane Arpin. A visit was made to the Churn at approximately high tide and we saw it in action but, being a beautiful, calm day, not really spectacular. Then we went to the Forest Service Visitors’ Center nearby to see their exhibits, view and movie.

We moved on to the north parking lot of Neptune Beach state park where we started with lunch, investigated tide pools and beachcombed in the warm sun. Mary Jane had found out about Harbour Seals at Strawberry Hill so we stopped there to see them, basking in the sun on the outer rocks. Moving south we stopped again at the Devil’s Elbow state park and hiked up to the lighthouse, seeing ducks and seals off the point. We returned via the rocks and beach doing some more beachcombing amongst the crowds from a U. of O. bus.

Then we stopped briefly at the lookout just north of the Sea Lion Caves to look at Sea Lions on the rocks and compare them with the Harbour Seals we had seen earlier. Fifty Sea Lions took off to sea while we watched.

The final stop was just above the location for the new Sea Lake Ranch condominiums. After discussion, the consensus of the group was that something should be done to stop this particular development as described in the paper.

Final stop was made at Darlingtonia state park, a number of the people on the trip knew nothing about this interesting plant and enjoyed meeting it in its native habitat.

Those on the trip were, Mary Jane Arpin, Elizabeth Ballinger, Cheryl Cimburek, Gladys Grancorvitz, Victoria Gilman, Ruth Lewis, Marcia Liberati, Kenneth Lodewick and Robin Lodewick (the leaders), Beth Nelson, Teresa Nutt, Louise Osterich, Ted Stern, Diane Thomas.

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