Mt. June to Hardesty

February 22, 1975

On a bright and sunny day we headed for Hardesty Mtn. via Mt. June. Because of new fallen-snow, we were unable to drive to the trail the leader had selected for a starting point. Thus we took the Eagle’s Rest Trail and had a hike of approximately the same distance, joining the Sawtooth Trail to Hardesty Mtn. just past Mt. June. The group stopped the hike about 45 minutes short of the top of Hardesty because one member had leaky boots and had been walking in melted snow inside her socks from about 9:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. It really was not her fault as she had been signed up by someone at the ‘Y’ who had failed to tell her that the trip was in snow the whole way and waterproof boots were mandatory. In spite of a shortened hike, we were well rewarded with fresh tracks of rabbits, squirrels, one deer, and many coyotes (or else one coyote many times). A beautiful view of the Cascade range was seen from the ridge above Sawtooth Trail, making a sunny hike in the snow a day to be remembered. Breaking the trail or following the others were: Mary Bridgeman, Carol Grieg, Jackie Lehman, Lois Schreiner, Helen Smith, and Phyllis Ford, leader.

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