Eagles Rest

February 2, 1975

Left Eugene in rain, drove the Willamette Hiway 30 miles to the Goodman Creek road, turned off here and drove about three miles up this road. Left the cars in snow both underfoot and overhead. Walked about ½ mile up the road to trailhead which was identified by a yellow ribbon tied around a tree. We were hiking along a section of the old Eagles Rest trail which at one time started from the hiway and went to the top of the mountain. The trail has been abandoned for many years but during the last year Mary Bridgeman and I have been working to clear it out so it could be used again. Because it starts at about 1600 ft. elevation and is close to town we felt it would be good for wintertime hiking. We came out on an upper road, walked it aways then used the B.L.M. trail to the top of Eagles Rest. About 11:00 o’clock it stopped snowing, cleared up and the sun came out for us. It was windy on top but otherwise very pleasant. Those on the trip were Mary Bridgeman, Lee Hatch, Marcia Liberati, Helen Smith (leader), Ted Sterns and Merle Traudt.

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