The Ribbon Trail

January 12, 1975

Third annual Ribbon Trail Trek: Hendricks Park to Spencer Butte. The Ribbon trail is more of a concept than a reality. It will take a lot of dedication, lobbying, and dollars before we will be able to make this trip on a defined trail, divorced from the city streets and the automobile. It won’t happen by itself and won’t happen unless there is a lot of action soon.

We started out with quite a large party of 27, Sue Riemer and her friend only intended to go as far as the Obsidian Lodge. The leader flew off at a tangent on the wrong trail behind the lodge, but in a few minutes we were back on course. Lin Trombley and her two children bailed out at 30th street, not being prepared for a long cross-country hike. Old Baldy is posted land so we detoured on to Barber Drive and Old Dillard road. Lois Schreiner left us at Dillard road because of her work schedule. This year we followed the Skyline ridge from Dillard road to the top of the Butte rather than along the powerline.

For those who had done no hiking this was a good days hike. The prospectus sheet indicated six miles but Merle’s pedometer showed this estimate to be about as conservative as the preliminary cost estimate of a new bomber program.

When we arrived on the bask side trail near the top, Thelma Watson, Janice White, Dorothy Scherer, and Helen Hughes decided that it was really smarter to take it a little easy for the first hike of the season, and headed down the trail while the rest made the side trip to the top. Mary Bridgeman, Margit Castenholtz, Chuck Haddad, Thomas and Helene Johnston, Clarence Landes, Charlotte Mills, Teresa Nutt, Helmut Plant, Clarence Scherer, Helen Smith, Ted and Holley Stern, Bert Tepfer, Merle Traudt and Marriner Orum were rewarded on top with a chilling breeze and a good view of the city.

We hope to make this trip again next year and many years thereafter. In the meantime it would be good to ‘buttonhole’ your local council member and start lobbying for the Ribbon Trail.

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