Ditch Creek Cabin Camp

August 16, 1975

Left Eugene Saturday morning 8:30 in two cars, went to Oakridge, Waldo Lake, across road 204 to Century Drive and on north to Todd Lake, then into Ditch Creek campground. The road in was barely passable—some snowbanks along the way. On arrival I got a shovel out of my truck and back tracked up the road filling chuck holes and ditches. As the afternoon wore on it started to sprinkle and fog came in lower and lower. Lois and I started a card game in my camper—finally Mary Bridgeman and Peter Cecil joined us. In the early evening Herb McCornack showed up in camp. By this time it was raining fairly steady and the temperature was lowering, the next morning it was steady rain and the outside temperature was 40 degrees, a very real threat of snow in the air. So we decided to move out to Todd Lake before the road became really impassable. It was lucky we went when we did, as we just barely got out, the road was soft and very slick and getting worse with every jeep that went over it. We stopped down at Todd Lake and incoming weather reports were not good, everyone reported more of the same for the next few days. So Herbert McCornack, Mary Bridgeman and Peter Cecil decided to leave. Lois and I stuck around to catch anyone coming in. Ewart Baldwin showed up in the afternoon and after consultation we all decided it was at lost cause, it was raining steady and the fog was bad, we couldn’t even hike anywhere, or see anything. So we returned to Eugene. Merle Traudt, Chm.

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