A Bang-up Fourth

July 4, 1975

It was a patriotic group that met at the Obsidian Lodge to spend the fourth of July. The Stars and Stripes was floating, from the flag-pole and the patriots were inside the Lodge eating and visiting and pretty well behaving themselves.

We enjoyed the company of two from the Province of British Columbia, Silvia and Leslie May Bruce, Niece of May Cooper and her daughter.

Silvia took a gander around the place and coming back to the Lodge was heard to remark, “The Bible says that the meek will inherit the earth, but after looking this place over I am of the opinion that Poison Oak is going to take it over”. Anyway it is a nice place to be on the Fourth. No crowds, No noise, Quite and peaceful just like the old folks who attended want it. Slides, not snow nor dirt slides, picture slides were shown by Ray Sims and Geraldine Fehly and were unusually interesting. If anyone thought that they were going to be treated to the usual run of dry pictures they were sure fooled.

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