African Safari

May 31, 1975

A smaller than usual group for this potluck, somewhere around sixty persons but when this night was over everyone knew they had been taken on the most complete tour of Africa they had ever been on and with Norman Benton as guide too. Norman always has a good story to tell with superb pictures, but he sort of out-did himself this evening. Thanks, Norman.

Barry and Suzanne Ford came all the way from Reedsport to see us and find out what we were like. By the time you read this they will be all the way into the Club. We also had Jennelle Moorhead as a visitor. Jennelle will be the main attraction at the June 21 potluck. Estelle Bates and son also guests for the evening. They were from Springfield. President of the local Audubon Society, Joanne Walthum was a visitor as was Maude Caldwell of Eugene.

Parker Riddle rode his bike 80 miles and showed up in time for dinner. He didn’t ride it 80 miles to get to the Lodge, he just road the 80 miles to work up a good appetite.

Edith Bridgeman grudgingly took charge in the kitchen. It always takes a big argument and a scene, before Edith will get in the kitchen. (Try to keep her out). She had help from Betty Hack and Forest Babcock.

Sue Riemer, back from a stay in California where she was visiting with a daughter, just back in the States from a lengthy stay in Germany, was on hand to decorate the walls with lithographs of Africa loaned to us by Bronson Travel Agency. Sue had not planned on being with us, but she had heard rumors that Frank was enjoying her absence to a greater degree than Sue cared for him to so she came home in time for this event.

Did you notice that each table had a $7.50 bouquet on it. They were gathered and arranged by Dorothy Leland and her daughter. Who could help but notice all the animals, African animals that is, made by Linda Zevenbergen. They were all over the place. It took a lot of work and time making all those animals and a number of remarks were heard about how cute they all were.

We were surely glad to see that Ted and Mary Jo Johannes are able to be up and about. Been a long, long time since we have seen you folks up at the Lodge. Make it a habit, Ted & Mary Jo.

For a grand finale we had Walt Disney’s Water Birds film, a half hour showing in 16mm size brought to the evening’s doin’s by Joanne Walthum. Yes, the Club has a 16mm projector and with sound too. This was gotten by contributions to a Memorial to Paul Weiser. Just in case you had forgotten.

Howdy folks, this is your entertainment reporter, Hog Wash, signing off.

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