The True Tale of a Good Potluck

April 26, 1975

April the 26th Obsidian Potluck Dinner and Entertainment night saw one of the larger crowds attending. It is good to see such large turnouts but again brings up the question, “Is it going to be necessary to limit membership?”

Anyway a large and appreciative audience met, visited, ate and enjoyed one of our better nights. Or maybe we should say Knights, as our entertainment for the evening was, to say the least, a Knight of the Royal Court of Comedy. He goes by the name of Gordon Corner and is reported to be connected with the Eugene School System and his take off into the land of comedy kept the audience in stitches. Comedy of a class far better than the usual run of comedy found on TV.

After the comedy hour (with no commercials) Mr. Corner took us on a tour by exceptional slides of the Olympic Coast, the one that is so isolated that it is visited only by boats looking for a place for a wreck and for backpackers looking for isolation. Then he took us on a loop trip around Mt. Hood. And surprised a number of people in the amount of territory Hood covers.

Honors for the Obsidians coming the farthest go to Harry and Dorothe Evert who came all the way from Prescott, Wisc. Honors for being the farthest from home go to Cathleen Gilltrap. She came from Australia. Now of course she didn’t come over here to see the Obsidians in action, but to visit our country and to visit her good friends the Riemers. After spending the evening with us however, she decided that anything else she might see would only be secondary so she left for home the next morning.

The slaves who worked in the kitchen with our full-time slave, Edith Bridgeman, were Betty Hack, May Cooper, Elwina Meachem and Connie Thomas.

Thank you Dorothy Leland for a wonderful evening.

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