“One Wonderful Evening”

March 21, 1975

The March Bulletin mentioned a musical instrument called a “Cordovox” saying, if you wanted to know what this was to come to the potluck and find out. There were in the neighborhood of 75 or 80 people who came and found out that it was a most pleasant and melodious instrument and the player, Bernie Baer, gave us an hour or so of music that we will not forget. Our thanks to you, Bernie.

We extend a very big thank you to Bert Ewing for a most interesting picture show of negotiating the Appalachian Trail. All 2,000 miles of it! Bert is a real good descriptive speaker which made for a most entertaining introduction to this trail. Bert’s pictures were outstandingly good showing the trail as good, bad, ridiculous, funny, and everything about it different than what we are used to on our Pacific Crest trail. If you were not present you should have been.

The eats were above normal this, evening and the dessert table was especially the best we have had for some time.

Edith Bridgeman and Bette Hack in the kitchen detail did an outstanding job of all aspects of this chore. Sorry that I do not have the names of her helpers.

Dorothy Leland, our entertainment chairman with the assistance of Sue Riemer again gave us a most wonderful evening. Aren’t you glad that we have them to run this part of the Obsidian organization.

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