Don Hunter: “Mt. Pisgah”

February 22, 1975

This was one night to remember. A good crowd of about seventy came, ate and went home feeling that they had gotten more than their moneys worth.

First off was music by the band from Briggs School under the direction of Tom Jacobs, although one of the boys actually led the band. Players were Dennis Doughot, Barb Gates, Debbie Condie, Jeff Nell, Mark Olson, John Morehouse and Carmen Haynes. The playing was superb and the music was too, filling the hall with the best sounds since the pounding of hammers putting in the walls. Remarks were heard more than once that a lot of playing coming over TV was not as good.

Then came the slide show put on by Don Hunter and those of you who have seen one of Don’s shows know that there are none to compare. Don set up his three wide screens, his four projectors, hooked sound and sat at the console punching buttons and presto! On the screens came the most beautiful views of various pictures. The theme of the evening was to promote the establishment of an Arboretum in the Howard Buford Park, perhaps better known to us as Mt. Pisgah.

The arboretum to be known as the International Arboretum, is piloted by Barbara Newton, President of the organization to promote the plan, attended the potluck and gave us a talk on the project.

Activities around the kitchen and the tables was headed by Edith Bridgeman and her aides were Alelia Linscott, Bette Hack, Wanda Mountjoy, and Elwina Meachem.

An Emmy Award goes to Dorothy Leland for putting together this fine evening.     — Bob Medill

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