Mt. Washington

September 20-21, 1975

A morning start Saturday gave us plenty of time to find the unnamed lake l½ miles north of the mountain which was to be our camp. We had the lake entirely to our selves. A view of the tip of Mt. Washington could be seen from one side of the lake. The weather was sunny and clear, and just a bit cool.

Not so early the next morning (about 7:30) we left camp and set off for the climbers trail, a mile or so up the ridge. Chilly winds on the north ridge made the hiking interesting. After a short delay for a party of seven already on top we got our people safely up. The winds, a bit calmer now, still made our stay a bit shorter than we might have wanted.

Back at camp by 3:30 we packed camp and some trash left by previous campers for the hike out. We saw lots of sign of deer in the area, but none of the critters themselves. This was not surprising, dry as the woods were. We reached the cars after some bushwhacking, a satisfying trip behind us.

On the trip were, Keith Blunck (explorer), Keith Hatch (explorer) and leader, Tim Hulsing, Tim Lundgren, Lenny Niems, Jack Nitzel, and Bob Williams (explorer).

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