Broken Top

September 6-7, 1975

This trip was a success even though the leader forgot where she put the Obsidian report material and failed to submit the report on time. Because of inclement weather, the designated leader was unable to scout the climb in advance and recruited Merle Traudt to serve as climbing leader. That was a good idea as Merle had not only climbed the mountain previously, he had scouted the road and advised the group that any downpour would make the road impassable in spots.

The group parked the cars at Todd Lake and piled into the three pickup trucks for a jostling trip to within one mile of the old Ditch Cabin site. From there a five mile hike with very little elevation took us to the spring at the base of Broken Top. From base camp to the summit was a leisurely 3½ hours and the trip back was about the same. The day was clear and cool, ideal for climbing. Those in the group were: Norm Barnes, Al Gamache, Lee & Wayne Hatch, Dorothy Leland, Glenn Meares, Gale Oxford, Henrietta Richmond, Velma Shirk, Ed & Barbara Sobey, Merle Traudt (climbing leader), and Phyllis Ford (trip leader).

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